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Indoor & Outdoor Surveillance Systems in St. Louis

Help protect your property, assets and people 24 hours a day. Our solutions provide a crucial deterrent to criminals. We offer the St. Louis Metro Area installation of the latest custom commercial or residential surveillance and CCTV system installation.

We have a full range of security and surveillance installation options as well as integrated security and alarm systems for new and existing commercial or residential structures. Including:

Dome cameras provide a 360 degree crime deterrent since the actual direction of the camera inside of the dome cannot be seen. Dome cameras also offer protection from weather & vandals while easily blending into the indoor or outdoor environments. 
     Vandal, dust & water proof. 
     Indoor & outdoor dome cameras. 
     Infrared & night-vision available. 
     Wide & high zoom angle lens. 
     Pan Tilt Zoom with remote control. 
Infrared Night Vision Cameras will illuminate the darkest areas for a clear video recording in 0 light. Infrared cameras come in many shapes and sizes. 
     Infrared bullet cameras.
     Infrared dome cameras.
     Indoor & outdoor infrared cameras.
Covert cameras may be used to capture & record motion based activity, if you have doubt about trusting people in your home or office. Some popular types of covert cameras are: 
     Smoke Alarm / Detector
     Motion Detector
     Fire Sprinkler
     Exit signs
Professional full size (box) cameras deliver high-resolution video and can be outfitted with a verifocal, auto-iris lens to achieve a perfect shot every time. Cameras can be mounted in a heated enclosure for outdoor use. 
     High quality & resolution images
     Indoor & outdoor use
Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) dome cameras have become the most popular choice for applications that require the ability to position and zoom the camera to a specific area of interest.  PTZ domes offer a discreet appearance that blends into any architectural environment, and they pack a lot of performance into a relatively small package.  

Let Ultimate Setup offer you a qualified specialist capable of designing a Surveillance System custom fit to your needs. Ultimate Setup will also install your surveillance system in a professional, competent and efficient manner. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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