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Door Access Systems in St. Louis

Help protect your property, assets and people 24 hours a day. Our solutions provide a crucial deterrent to criminals. We offer the St. Louis Metro Area installation of the latest custom commercial or residential alarm and door access system installation.

We have a full range of security and surveillance installation options as well as integrated security and alarm systems for new and existing commercial or residential structures. 
A quality business alarm system or home security system may be the most important thing you ever install into your property or building. Intercom systems, security cameras, card access systems and other security systems can make any property a burglar’s nightmare.

Electronic Access Control is just as important to your bottom line as it is to your security. In addition to managing who has access to the business, access control solutions address risks such as theft and loss prevention, employee safety, vendor theft and workplace violence. Sensitive information and expensive equipment are also protected. 
We offer a wide range of integrated IP-based electronic access control (EAC) solutions from access control systems, door controllers and card readers, to servers, proximity cards and access control software. 
Flexible solutions to help control who and what enters and exits.
Audio and video intercom systems.
Card-swipe readers for entry and exit points.
Provide each employee separate and controlled access.

 Let Ultimate Setup offer you a qualified specialist capable of designing an alarm and door access system custom fit to your needs. Ultimate Setup will also install your alarm system in a professional, competent and efficient manner. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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