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Ultimate Remote Support

Our remote support tool allows us to help you out immediately without having to dispatch a technician to your home or business. We can assist you remotely no matter where you are located as long as you have internet access. 

We can fix pop-ups, scan for and remove viruses, spyware or adware from your system, tune-up or speed up your computer, help with email and Outlook issues, and more! 

Our technicians would be happy to assist you remotely! Just download our remote support tool!

Please download our remote support tool HERE
 1. Click the above link to download the Quick Support tool; your browser should open the file automatically. 
2. When you receive a popup about using the downloadable file, click Open or Run. A small window with the Ultimate Setup logo will now appear. 
3. Give us a call at 636-527-7200. The technician will need the numbers located in the Your ID and Password fields, as well as a major credit card to proceed. 

Having trouble downloading the Quick Support tool? Click HERE for troubleshooting steps or call 636-527-7200

By downloading and installing our remote support tool, you agree to the Remote Support Terms and Conditions. Note that not all technical issues can be resolved remotely. Our technician will let you know if a specific issue cannot be fixed remotely and will be more than happy to further assist you onsite at your home or business.