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Is your computer running slow? Do you think it may be time to replace your computer? You don’t need to buy a new computer if you can upgrade your current one in a cost effective manner.  Consult with our computer upgrade technicians who will recommend the optimal solution to provide your Mac or PC the maximum performance.

Our Mac or PC Tune Up Services Include: 

· Faster boot time – We will remove any unnecessary start-up programs and files which slow down your computer.
·  Faster Internet - Our experts will wipe out any malicious browser add-ons, bars, and extensions.  This will ensure that your Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are running smoothly and quickly.
·  Spyware Removal -  If you have background spyware slowing down your overall performance, they will be removed. 
·  Virus checks – Got a computer virus?  We’ll scan your Mac or PC to see if there are any viruses, trojans, rootkits, malware, or anything else that is malicious and ensure they are removed. 
·  Physical Cleaning - We will open up your computer and perform dust removal. 
·  Driver Updates - We will update any drivers and windows software necessary to keep your computer running at optimal performance. 
·  Training - Our experts will provide helpful tips to keep your Mac or PC working in a speedy and efficient manner. 

So who do you turn to when looking to tune up your computer? Let Ultimate Setup offer you a qualified specialist capable of tuning your Mac or PC in a professional, competent and efficient manner. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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